"Reinvent the Wheel"

Position: Game Designer
Company/Organization: Monument Games

Downloaditch.io, Google Play

Featured as a "Staff Pick" and placed 2nd in the "Overall" category for the 2017 Github Game Off!

"Reinvent the Wheel" is a casual game made for the 2017 Github Game Off, a month-long game jam hosted by Github and itch.io.  Put together in Unity with a small group of students from the Video Game Development Association at California State University, Long Beach, for PC and Mobile Platforms.

"Taking the theme 'throwback' to the extreme, Reinvent The Wheel takes you to the stone age for a chance to rewrite history! Fashion a wheel with the limited time and resources given to you, and challenge your friends to see who's invention will travel the farthest!" 
 - itch.io

The player is asked to fashion a "wheel" from a misshapen boulder within a small window of time.  Once the time is up, their "wheel" is rolled down a hill, it's final resting point representing the player's score.  As the sole game designer, I was tasked with designing the rules, controls, and the overall gameplay experience.

For a peek at the design process, feel free to read the docs.