Analysis and Writing

    • "World Building in Video Games"
      • A discussion and analysis of world building practices in story-driven games, comparing the applied techniques between other mediums.
    • "A Study of Spaces in Yooka-Laylee"
      • An observation of world and level design in Playtonic's debut title, which met mixed reviews.  In this essay I attempt to dissect what players found to be lack-luster, and consider what might have been done to improve the overall experience.
    • "The Evolution of the 'Free Range' Platformer"
      • Written in anticipation of games like "Yooka-Laylee" and "Hat in Time", this is a reflection of notable titles in the genre since it's rise to popularity in the 1990's.

    Other Projects

    • Photography
      • A favorite hobby of mine, this is a collection of photos I've taken from my high school years up to today.