"Gravity Hatchet"

Download: Dropbox (Demo Build)

An experiment in 3D game design, "Gravity Hatchet" was built independently in Unity, using assets from the Unity Asset Store.

The player is a "world-class" hatchet thrower, looking to hit targets on the other side of the planet.  The game utilizes a third-person perspective, where each level is a scene featuring the players avatar and obstacles populating the surface of a small planet. Gravity Hatchet has a very simplistic set of rules and controls, designed to be played with only the mouse and minimal usage of the keyboard; the player will have one specific target to hit with their hatchet, which is aimed by mouse movement and thrown with a left click.  The player can move the camera around the planet by holding right click and moving the mouse, similar in fashion to navigating Google Earth, to get a better idea of where they might need to aim their hatchet based on the positioning of the obstacles.