Pico-8 Cartridges

This page holds a collection of smaller projects I've developed for the PICO-8 Fantasy Console.  Below you will find games as well as smaller programming/graphic experiments, the majority of which can be viewed and played within your browser.


Play in Browser: itch.ioBBS

My first game created for the PICO-8 fantasy console, and also my first independently developed game overall.  After many abandoned projects, I took the time to try to reduce the scope of my endeavors, stripping down games into much more manageable ideas that could be developed in my free time.  My own "pong with a twist" game, "Breakdown" allowed me to familiarize myself with this brilliant system: transcribing music, creating art and animations, and programming the basic game logic were all concepts I had to learn and exercise to see this project as a final product.

Special thanks to my wife Rebekah, who wrote the original tune featured in the game and provided support as well as her own creative input.