"Voodoo Cheval"

Position: Gameplay/Level Designer
Company/Organization: Video Game Development Association

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Voodoo Cheval is an action game for mobile devices, put together in Unity with the talented students of the Video Game Development Association at California State University, Long Beach.

"When Louisiana is struck with a voodoo curse, Zombies and demons roam through the Bayou and 1920s New Orleans. Fight back against waves of enemies with your own magic to protect your beloved horse, as a mysterious radio show host guides you through the chaos."  - itch.io

The player must use the touch interface to draw shapes on the screen to fight off enemies, each shape particular to a certain enemy type.  I contributed as the level designer for Level 1, determining the ideal number and combination of enemies that would appear on the screen at any one time.  This proved to be a new challenge for me, as I had never designed a game with a mobile touch interface in mind before.

I've written a brief post-mortem of my personal experience with Voodoo Cheval, you can read it here.