Wednesday, September 21, 2016

NESDev - Dev Environment

This will be a little side post to talk about my current set up for working on this project.

Currently, I have 3 machines I plan on using:
  • Home Desktop
    • Running Windows 10, I use this machine for mostly gaming, browsing, and homework assignments.  
    • As the software required to complete the Nerdy Nights tutorial is intended for windows usage, I have had no issues running them on this machine (dated as it may be).
  • Macook Pro
    • The laptop I carry everywhere.  It is currently running on El Capitan (10.11.3) and is primarily used for browsing, blogging, photography, and programming.
    • Making the NESASM assembler work proved to take a little more effort to get running on the Macbook, but it is do-able.  I am having trouble with FCEUX, however.  If I get it working I will add an update, but I may wind up getting stuck with NEStopia...  I will add a footnote to the bottom of this post to share how I installed the software.
  • Acer Netbook
    • This little machine can not run anything above Windows XP.  I figured I would keep it as a backup to use the software in case I had issues with working on the macbook or the desktop.
As I am obviously looking to make my work as portable as possible, I am exploring the best method for storing files.  Currently I am just sticking to dropbox for any of the Nerdy Nights sample code, ans it will allow me to make sure that the software is working in a similar fashion across all platforms.  When I actually start building my own game, I am fairly certain it will be kept on github.

I pulled NESASM from the from cesarparent's repo.

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